A Friendly Mentor for First Time Buyers.

With a wealth of experience in cars of all ages, Hugh Price will help you to choose the perfect vintage or classic car according to your needs and lifestyle.

Would-be owners of historic vehicles may be dissuaded by the perceived risks of making their first acquisition. Without the confidence of an early baptism, the prospect of managing a 'crash' box or flooding carburettor could be daunting to say the least. Then there is the question of what car to choose, how to vet a particular example and the best way to maintain it. Hugh Price, your friendly mentor would like to address these problems by guiding new-comers to their first purchase. He will help you to identify the type of vehicle that will suit your needs and aspirations best. He will provide information to aid selection and, where required, assist in the actual purchase. Subsequently he can advise on driving, care and restoration or maintenance. The package is based on two simple fees which will provide for the following:


Subsequently your Friendly Mentor would be glad to support you in driving, maintaining or storing the car properly and could manage maintenance or restoration undertaken by other parties. This would be on a quotation basis. Ring 01295 680569 for further information.