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Purchasers Guide

Here are some essential tips and some links to follow for further sources of infomation, but please remember that there is no definitive guide - rather a preferred route. It is always worth gaining the advice of experienced specialists, especially when purchasing for the first time.

Be Informed

Before making a purchase of any kind, ask yourself what you want from it. It could be the 'buzz' of competition, family entertainment, an outlet for your skills in tackling a restoration project, or perhaps to holiday and explore in company. Whatever your motives, endevour to learn as much about the subject as possible. This may be through clubs and associations, marque specialists, magazines or friends but time and effort invested this way will pay great dividends and help avoid disappointment later on. Owners and club officials are always delighted to extoll the virtues of the subjects of their passion, maybe even to excess! Begin your research by finding time to attend some of the wonderful range of events staged every year. You are particularly fortunate if you live in the UK, which has a thriving scene ranging form the pioneer and veteran eras right up to the present day. There are the well known motor sport venues such as the hill-climbs at Prescott and Shelsley Walsh, which run dedicated classic and vintage meetings, not forgetting of course Silverstone and Donnington Park to name just two of the major circuits. Up to date fixture lists are published in magazines such as Classic Car, MotorSport and Classic and Sportscar. If your taste is more sartorial you would most probably enjoy the various concours d'élégance, look out for Villa d'Este. We should not overlook the opportunity offered by shows at exhibition centres, largely thanks to the effort and enthusiasm of club members, to compare a diverse range of machinery and meet owners.

Here are some suggestions for initial sources:

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs has a large membership list which may help to locate a particular club and represents the views and needs of owners, particularly to government.

The Vintage Sports Car Club - the club for those whose interest is pre-war which stages many of the foremost events, both competetive and social.

The National Motor Museum along with The Motor Industry Heritage Trust not only display a wide range of cars but are also major venues for events and custodians of large and significant archives.

The Bugatti Owners' Club and the Bugatti Trust.


To Buy privately, from a dealer or at auction?

Well that's a subject I'll just have to cover in the future, so please come again and find out more! Meanwhile if you have any specific queries or would like an informal discussion, please just pick up the phone (01295 680569) or .......... drop me an email:


Enjoy Motoring in Style!